After being a member of Fearless Photographers for nearly two years now I was so happy to get my first Fearless Award. Fearless Photographers for me as a wedding photographer is the best of all wedding associations because they have a strong community where I learned so much over the last two years. I became a better wedding photographer only by watching all the awarded images and their critique sessions. This year I was at my first Fearless Conference which was hosted in Porto (Portugal) and after these 2 days full of input I knew that I would win my first award soon. And voila here is my first Fearless Award. Thank you Huy Nguyen, Franck Boutonnet, Dennis Berti, Erika & Lanny Mann, Mike Gerrard, Virginia Gimeno, Brett Butterstein, Damon Pijlman, Citlalli Rico for helping me to make my next step as a wedding photographer.